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March 14, 2003, Listín Diario. María Esperanza Pérez, Santo Domingo

José Llano, Viviana Gibelli
and José Miguel Bonetti.

Vivian Gibelli, the Venezuelan television presenter and actress, was the star of the launch of the new Crisol Ligero oil.

This new product was launched into the Dominican market by MercaSID during an act at Praia Bar & Lounge, with the objective of concentrating its efforts to develop products that give the consumer added value and at the same time contribute to solidifying its leadership.

The activity was led by José Llano, Marketing Manager of the company, which had as the image person the television personality of the show "La guerra de los sexos" (the war of the sexes), who when uttering the welcoming words informed that Dominicans would get to know the new oil Crisol Ligera, which is a product that has "something very hard to find in others".

In his speech Llano announced that this is the birth of the first extension of the Crisol brand, which was created to help consumers "feel as good on the inside as they do on the outside".

"The extension of the brand will be very successful, because it goes beyond the superficial, because the Crisol line has been growing and developing together with Dominican society and has evolved at the same time as its consumers", he expressed.

Llano stressed that the Crisol Ligero oil is made from a combination of natural oils, amongst which one can find sunflower oil, which gives a special touch to foods as well as your body.

The Marketing Manager of MercaSID explained that in order to introduce this line they chose the image of Viviana Gibelli because when visualizing as if it were a persona "we concluded that it would resemble Viviana, always smiling, jovial, dynamic, agile and, of course, successful".

Llano informed that the Crisol Ligero oil comes in four presentations: gallon, half gallon, 32 and 16 ounces.

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